Elsies River CID – Big Brother is watching

It seems that some criminally minded people venture into the Elsies River City Improvement District not realizing that they are being watched by our dedicated CCTV team and that our response vehicles and officers are ready to pounce on any would be criminal who tries to perpetrate a crime in our area.

In the last week, our CCTV cameras and the response from our patrol vehicles and officers meant that two attempted business break-ins were averted.

Spotting people climbing over or through fences in the middle of the night and reacting with our patrol vehicles means they either give up their plans and run away or stubbornly continue and get caught.

As the pictures below show, our cameras are always watching and just when you think you are getting away with it you are caught in the act.

Well done to our public safety team from Zonewatch

SUSPECT ENTERING PREMISES 23H55RESPONSE CATHING THE SUSPECT  WhatsApp Image 2017-07-20 at 00.42.09 WhatsApp Image 2017-07-20 at 00.43.11

We will be expanding our camera network again in the next few weeks with an additional camera near 16th Street and 8th Avenue and we will keep you posted on developments soon.