Keep your business running with the Load Shedding Curtailment Programme

The Elsies River area is now formally part of the Load Curtailment programme of the City of Cape Town.

Elsies River Industrial (as seen in the footprint area below) is currently excluded from loadshedding as part of the City of Cape Town’s load curtailment programme. The load curtailment programme allows customers to be excluded from loadshedding in exchange for a predefined load curtailment.

Elsie's River Industrial Footprint Area

All companies are required to perform the necessary load reduction as per ESKOM loadshedding stages between the hours of 06:00 till 22:00 weekdays.

  • Stage 1&2 – 10%
  • Stage 3 – 15%
  • Stage 4 – 20%
  • Stage 5&6 – 30%       

A maximum of 3 violations out of ten daily assessed curtailment event days will be allowed before the area or the individual company is removed from the curtailment programme. A new application will need to be made describing the corrective actions that have been implemented to prevent future violations.

Please see below link that will subscribe you to an automated email notification of the Curtailment stages.

CoCT Load Curtailment Programme Notification Subscriber

Load Shedding Curtailment Programme Elsie's River